GI USMC FROG Silk Weight Base Layer Long Sleeve Thermal Top


Get optimal warmth and fire-resistant protection with these GI USMC FROG Thermal Tops. This fitted and stylish base layer is super soft; it is made of 78% Modacrylic, 22% FR Rayon silk weight fabric making it a comfortable, less bulky insulating base layer that keeps you warm and cozy in all types of weather. These long sleeve FROG (Fire Resistant Organizational Gear) thermals are fire resistant; In addition, their moisture-wicking technology helps to keep you cool and dry so you can stay fresh all day long.

  • ♦  78% Modacrylic, 22% FR Rayon silk weight fabric
  • ♦  Rated down to 14 °F
  • ♦  FROG (Fire Resistant Organizational Gear)
  • ♦  Moisture-Wicking
  • ♦  Genuine US Military Issue
  • ♦  Made in USA

The FROG Thermals provide superior coverage and incredible warmth. You’ll love sporting this cozy and comfy long-sleeve thermal top to take on the cool-weather days in confident style.

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