GI USMC Issue 3 Season Sleeping Bag – Coyote


The Coyote USMC sleeping bag was designed to be a lightweight compatible military sleeping bag for temperatures above 20°F. If combined with the full system of a Bivy, sleeping pad, and proper clothing it is rated to use down to 5°F. The USMC Sleeping bag is very soft, lightweight, and comfortable and in our opinion, it is the best feeling within the military line. The is produced with an antimicrobial liner that helps to protect against the growth of microorganisms, baffle tubing to trap in body heat, and full head closures to keep you warm. The zipper is very easy to use to get in and out.

Features & Specs
♦ USMC Issue
♦ U.S.A Made
♦ 3 Season rated 20 Degrees with the proper clothing
♦ Soft, lightweight and compact
♦ Wind baffle
♦ Anti-microbial inner liner

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